GMP-compliant mass synthesis of oligonucleotides now possible <br>Strengthening our production capacity for modified amidite monomers GMP-compliant mass synthesis of oligonucleotides now possible <br>Strengthening our production capacity for modified amidite monomers

GMP-compliant mass synthesis of oligonucleotides now available
Strengthening our production capacity for modified amidite monomers

New API production facility scheduled for
completion in summer 2022!

Our strength lies in our ability to handle both
GMP-compliant mass synthesis of oligonucleotides and the
process development and production of
modified amidite monomers.

We are constructing a GMP-compliant production facility for small and middle molecule APIs in Choshi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. In addition to enhancing our production capacity for small molecule APIs, we will also be introducing large-scale automated oligonucleotide synthesis equipment to undertake custom manufacturing of therapeutic oligonucleotide investigational drugs and commercial APIs.


From special amidite monomers through to oligonucleotides

The quality of oligonucleotides is largely determined by the quality of its raw material, special amidite monomers. Yamasa specializes in manufacturing modified amidite monomers and has long provided pharmaceutical APIs as experts in nucleic acid related compounds. This is what lies behind our complete quality control, from special amidite monomers through to oligonucleotides, enabling us to manufacture high-quality APIs.


Offering comprehensive services for entire projects

At Yamasa, we work with oligonucleotide synthesis targeting drug discovery for therapeutic oligonucleotides, which have been gaining attention in recent years. We are now constructing a new API production facility, where we will introduce GMP-compliant equipment capable of the mass synthesis of oligonucleotides. The new facility and equipment will allow us to offer comprehensive services for oligonucleotide APIs, from synthesis carried out during process development for drug discovery to manufacturing for clinical trials and following market launches.


Details of the new API production facility

Scheduled completion: 2022

Construction area
Approximately 500 square meters (3 stories)
Total floor area
Approximately 1500 square meters
Synthesis equipment
Synthesis tank (SUS/GL 200-1000L)
Separation equipment
Liquid separator tank, crystallization tank, large-scale preparative HPLC system, column tower, centrifuge
Drying equipment
Dryers (conical dryers, freeze dryers)
Automated oligonucleotide synthesizer


The three pillars of Yamasa's technological excellence

Comprehensive partner for nucleic acid related compounds
One-stop supply of small and middle molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
From procuring raw materials to developing synthesis processes and mass-producing investigational drugs and commercial APIs!
Also offering support for handling pharmaceutical regulations and developing analytical methods


0160 years of unwavering dedication to nucleic acids

Yamasa is a long-established company with over 60 years of experience manufacturing nucleic acid related compounds, starting with the manufacture of nucleotides using nucleic acid degradation processes. The expertise amassed has earned Yamasa the trust of many in the field of pharmaceuticals for nucleic acid related compounds.

1957: Yamasa discovers nuclease P1, an enzyme that selectively degrades ribonucleic acid (RNA) into 5' nucleotides. The company then develops technologies to efficiently separate and refine the nucleic acid components gained from this enzyme, establishing industrial production processes for nucleic acid-based umami seasonings.
1970s: Yamasa expands the application of synthesis technologies for nucleic acid related compounds to the pharmaceuticals field and has since been supplying pharmaceutical APIs, specializing in nucleic acid related compounds.
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Ever-growing expertise in synthesis process development and manufacturing for nucleic acid related compounds
image 2
Proven track record supplying clients outside Japan and handling pharmaceutical regulations
image 3
World-class research and development, manufacturing technologies, and quality in the field of therapeutic oligonucleotides

02Our strengths rooted in our foundation as a fermentation company

Our strengths rooted in our foundation as a fermentation company

As a manufacturer of soy sauce, produced through fermentation, we have developed our own original technologies and expertise in biotechnology. This has enabled us to become specialized in microbe culturing and the handling of enzymes.
When we develop synthesis processes, we can consider production processes using not only organic synthesis but also enzymatic synthesis, enabling us to establish optimal processes for requested APIs.

We take a dual approach

  • Organic
  • Enzymatic

during the synthesis process development stage
We provide our clients with optimal synthesis processes!

03From development to market launch

We undertake custom small and middle molecule projects, offering comprehensive services from raw material synthesis and process development to mass production.
Our services include synthesis and process development for new drug candidate compounds during the drug discovery phase. During the production phase for clinical studies or market launches, our services extend through to the development of GMP-compliant API manufacturing and analytical methods, as well as support for handling pharmaceutical regulations.

Both monomers and oligomers
  • Manufacturing modified amidite monomers
  • Manufacturing oligonucleotides
From drug discovery to market launch
  • Synthesis of new drug candidate compounds
  • Development of synthesis processes
  • GMP-compliant API manufacturing
Services also included for market launches
  • Development of analytical methods
  • Support for handling pharmaceutical regulations

Yamasa is the one-stop company to handle it all

Company Information

Company Name
Head Office
2-10-1 Araoicho, Choshi, Chiba, 288-0056, Japan
Tokyo office
1-23-8 Nihonbashi Kakigaracho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0014, Japan