YAMASA CORPORATION Biochemicals Division

YAMASA CORPORATION Biochemicals Division


YAMASA CORPORATION Biochemicals Division


Manufacturing equipments enabling various processes

Yamasa's plant locates in Choshi, Chiba in Japan. Choshi plant is consist of laboratory and commercial plant.


Yamasa possess various sizes of reactors with capacity from a liter to over 2,000 liter and column chromatography, specialized in the isolation of hydrophilic compounds. Furthermore, we select suitable equipment from variety of dryers and particle control equipment in accordance with characteristic of products. APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates are manufactured with the facilities controlled under the GMP management system.

Production Equipment List

Synthesis equipment Tank for synthesis (SUS/GL, 220-2,700L), Microorganism culture tank (3-3,000L)
Separator Liquid/liquid separator tank, Tank for crystallization, Column tower, Evaporator, Centrifuge, Filter, Electric dialyzer
Dryer Dryer (conical-type dryer, through-flow dryer, freeze dryer)
Mill Mill (Jet mill, power mill), Sieve
Blender Blender equipped with agitator, V-type blender
Others Process chromatography, autoclave, Homogenizer, Pharmaceutical water production system

Analytical Instruments

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) Thermogravimetry-differential thermal analyzer
Gas chromatography (GC) Melting point apparatus
Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer Laser diffraction particle size analyzer
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (500MHz) Karl Fischer moisture titrator
Infrared spectrophotometer (IR) Viscometer
Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer (UV/Vis) Salinometer
Fluorescence spectrophotometer Total organic carbon analyzer
Atomic absorption photometer Potentiometric titrator
Polarimeter Exhaust gas analyzer
Elemental analyzer Carbohydrate analyzer
Differential scanning calorimeter

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