YAMASA CORPORATION Biochemicals Division

YAMASA CORPORATION Biochemicals Division


YAMASA CORPORATION Biochemicals Division


Core technologies leading to the future

Utilizing our technology in production of nucleic acid-based umami seasoning, we line up high-quality nucleic related compounds. These are used in broad fields such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industrial products.

Chemical and enzymatic modifications of nucleotides and nucleosides

Manufacturing various natural materials, APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates by chemical synthesis and/or enzymatic synthesis using nucleotides/nucleosides prepared by the RNA degradation method

Chemical modifications of phosphorylated compounds

Synthesizing not only nucleic acid related compounds but also nucleobase derivatives and phosphorylated compounds by utilizing synthetic and purification technologies for nucleic acid related compounds

Synthesis and purification of hydrophilic compounds

Supplying hydrophilic products with high purity based on high technologies of chromatography and crystallization of hydrophilic compounds

Modification technologies

We manufacture APIs of small-molecule drugs related to nucleic acids. In addition to the listed products which are examples of APIs for generic drugs, we are manufacturing other APIs.
Followings are Yamasa's core modification technologies for the nucleotide compounds, nucleobase, five-carbon sugar and phosphate group.
Nucleobase : Cross coupling reaction, N-heterocycle synthesis
Sugar : Introduction of various substituents, deoxygenation, glycosylation
Phosphate group : Phosphorylation, phosphitylation, polyphosphorylation

In addition, other reactions are available regardless of compounds.

Reaction name Representative
Acylation Acylation of hydroxyl group by acylchloride or acid anhydride etc
Amidation Amidation of carboxylic acid derivatives by ammonia or other amines
Amination Substitution of aryl halide by amines, reduction of nitro or nitroso group
Alkylation Alylation of hydroxyl group by alkyl halide
Esterification Condensation of organic acids (or phosphoric acids) and alcohols
Cyanylation Dehydration of amides or oximes
Halogenation Reaction of unsaturated compounds with halogenation reagents (e.g. NBS, NCS), substitution of organosulfate derivatives by halides
Oxidation Oxidation of alcohols into carbonyl-compounds
Reduction Reduction of carbonyl-compounds into alcohols
Glycosylation Glycosylation catalyzed by Lewis acids

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